Black Water Gamefarm

Welcome to Black Water Gamefarm of Carol Nesmith – Four-time World Slasher Cup Champion


Blackwater Gamefarm is located at Novo Alabama, along Slicklizzard RD., managed by the very iconic cockbreeder, Carol Nesmith. Now Carol is in his mid-sixties but still very active in the farm, and for him these tasks keep him independent, sharp and healthy. Today Carol shares breeding duties with his son, Chris, and even his grandson has expressed similar interest in gamefowl, there is almost no doubt that the sport would stay in the family and that the farm would stay as long as possible.

Blackwater Gamefowl bloodlines are very famous in the cockfighting industry, back in the heydays that Carol had his first bloodlines such as the Lacy Roundheads and the McLean and Gilmore Hatches which made him won many fights early in his career. Then there is the Albany and the coveted Possum that have became the mother of all his breeding.

Until now, the farm is still filled of the these bloodlines that made him a legend and a household figure in the industry but the greatest hitter of these bloodlines is his mighty Sweaters that has been with him for twenty-seven years and Carol Nesmith’s legacy for all the cocking generations to come, whether cockfighting comes back to the United States of America or not.

Blackwater Gamefarm has been there for 45 years but Carol Nesmith shows no sign of stopping even in the advent of banning cockfighting in the USA, he and his son continues to breed gamefowls for the world to share the great legacy of the Blackwater Gamefowls. Father and son need not to think twice because for them breeding is their favorite aspect of the sport.


Possum Line
Lacy Roundhead
Gilmore Hatch
Sweater Yellow Legged Hatch
Sweater Yellow Legged Roundhead Cross
Sweater Gray
Sweater Roundhead Cross
Possum Sweater